April 19, 2014


The arrow isn't poison
or mean-spirited
still it does pierce flesh
leaves a tender-sweet wound
a mark
a scar
a stain of red
near mortal wound of love

ktn © 2014

* * * * * *

April marks the anniversary of my blog. Six years! They seemed to go by in only a heartbeat or two. It also marks the second anniversary of my youngest brother's passing. As is with life, the good bumps up against the bad.

Wishing all my friends and their families and their friends a peaceful and beautiful Easter.

April 6, 2014

Night Song

Sun dies west
wind is crooning
as night seeps ink

the muse never sleeps
and I glimpse the crescent
(the wishing moon)
shy-smiling at me
and I smile back

ktn © 2014

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