November 23, 2014


Just birds
nothing more than
sparrows, larks
and swallowtails
darting in/out
of eaves
and nests

Mythology claims
one can rise from the ashes 
of a fiery re-birth
while in the nursery
children learn how
could be baked in a pie

Many a morning's silence
by vivacious song
rejoicing the light's return
while gentle coo
of Mourning Dove
lament's a day's demise

Maybe the scarecrow
knows the secrets
of his avian enemies
but he smiles
and keeps his mouth shut
while red-eyed pigeons
hold the lines of communication
in pink feet

Wise, these ancients,
of feathers, wings
and hollow bones
twining trees
and concrete

kt © 2014


My debut novel

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November 16, 2014


On this cold-edged day
I remember softer ones
when the buzz of bumbles
infiltrated the garden
until it sang

On this snow-swept day
I remember gentler ones
when flowers cupped sun
beneath a canopy of blue
so fine it hurt my eyes

On this grey-clad day
I remember tender ones
when minutes slowed
like a resting heartbeat
a somnolent passage
of hour and season

 kt © 2014


My debut novel