June 2, 2014


and the living is easy. So the song goes. 

I haven't abandoned my poor blog, but I have decided to take this summer off from blogging. My poetic well is completely dry and it's time to refresh the spirit. There are trips, graduations, weddings, coming up...as is always the way at this time of year. I wish everyone a glorious and beautiful warm weather season. If you're in areas where the chill of winter approaches, you have my sympathies! :) Mind you, there's a lot to be said for the smell of woodsmoke and necessity of curling up with a good book on a miserable day. There's also a lot to be said for warm breezes, long daylight hours, and the occasional T-storm to keep us on our toes.

See you when the leaves begin to change, kids are buying school supplies, and mothers and fathers everywhere are heaving sighs of relief.

May 11, 2014


You asked me once if I noticed the daffodils
all sun-starred in a neighbor's garden
and we talked of Spring and her abundance
(We imagined her dressed up in her Sunday best
sitting at a lace-clothed table
sipping tea from cups
as transparent as tulips in a noon-day sun
nibbling on sandwiches sliced thin
like the sun when it looks west)

And I notice the daffodils
a cream-yellow haze
basking in the sweet May sun
in a park blanketed in birdsong
and I stop to admire them
wishing you were here
discussing Spring and her profusion
and the missing of you catches my breath

ktn © 2014


I miss my Mom every single day, but more palpably on days such as these.
 Wishing all Mothers everywhere a bright, beautiful Mother's Day. 

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