October 26, 2014

Shedding Innocence

The trees are dying
she cries
scampering  through
the shadowed wood
sun scraping
outstretched limbs
leaves fluttering
to a crisp carpet

The trees are dying
she cries
catching leaves
of liquid gold
in the day's last light
and I watch her cry
for the lost season
in shadowed pools
of autumn's demise

The trees aren't dying
I tell her
just preparing to sleep
through the winter long
to wake
greenly anew
come Spring's gentle kiss

The leaves are dying
I tell her
shedding old
to make new

I tuck her small hand
in mine
crossing the tender dark
small steps matching mine
ghost whispers
in our wake

kt © 2014


Excited to announce my debut novel

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October 21, 2014

Thrilled to announce...

the release of my debut novel

String and Bones available here in both Trade Paperback and ebook formats

Special thanks to the lovely Patricia of Patricia's Wisdom for my very first review. If you haven't read Patricia's insightful reviews, drop over and check them out.